cal-michellMessage From Cal Pierce

Garden’s Best was birthed out of an idea. At the first of the year (2016) the flu and colds were going around the office, my staff and their spouses were getting sick, and my wife was also.

I noticed that at 71 years old, I wasn’t getting sick. I talked to my wife about this and the only thing I could attribute it to was that I had developed a strong immune system. I have been very careful to take my green drink with protein powder and my supplements every morning. I have only had one attack of a cold in 8 years.

I have always felt that if we could combine spiritual immunity with natural immunity we could create a strong immune defense against sickness. Knowing this I mentioned to my wife that we should meet with a lady, Cherie Calbom, and her husband who had moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho a few years ago. I remembered her being on the cover of Charisma Magazine as she is known as The Juice Lady.

I wanted to meet with Cherie and her husband, John, to talk about the possibility of developing a super food, in powder or capsule, that would be easy to take and had the nutritional value to create a strong immune defense in God’s people. Being the Director of Healing Rooms Ministries for 17 years I noticed something, we have been trying to get healing into sickly bodies and it isn’t working well.

God’s ultimate goal isn’t healing, it is what healing produces, a body with no sickness. The purpose of healing is to establish a body of health. As I shared this with Cherie and John, they indicated that this was also their vision. The idea of developing a supplement company was birthed. We knew that God was directing us to develop a product that would be unique. A product that had the nutritional value God created that we should eat for food. We closed our meeting before lunch with great anticipation that God was in this.

Soon after lunch I received a call from our National Director, Rick Taylor, who asked if I had heard of Jordan Rubin. I had. Jordan developed the Garden of Life supplement company and the Makers Diet Plan. Rick told me that Jordan wanted to talk with me.

In talking to Jordan about our vision, he indicated that he was developing processes to capture the nutritional value of the seeds, sprouts and herbs of the plants that God had mandated we eat for food from the Garden of Eden. Jordan then suggested we develop a unique super food from these seeds and sprouts that would be like no other product on the market.

We knew God was in this. We would have a God mandated product that would build immunity in His people. We did not want to just supply a product but we wanted to offer a program that would help people who desired to walk in health. As we desire that our children would walk in health, God, who created us as His children, desires that we also walk in health.

III John 2, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.”

Healing is the process to establish health. When we are healed then we need to steward our bodies by walking in health. Our desire is to bring healing and health to God’s people.