The Healing Rooms has not left its original mission of prayer for healing.

Through the years we’ve observed many people who have come for prayer over and over again. They have been healed, but they get sick again. When we look at diseases of modern man, we see that the degenerative diseases are connected to lifestyle with nutrition being one of the top reasons for sickness. Most of the diseases today are due to excesses and deficiencies. We eat too much man-made foods like refined sugar and flour—things manufactured in plants rather than plants themselves. We have an excess of sugar, fat, salt, and refined grains, grown with pesticides and, with a deficiency of nutrients that support and heal the body.

Cal and Michelle Pierce
CEO / Founder

Cal Pierce is the International Director of Healing Rooms Ministries and the International Association of Healing Rooms. He oversees this growing ministry along with his wife, Michelle. Cal travels extensively worldwide speaking at conferences throughout the year, teaching on healing and casting the vision to see Healing Rooms in every city in every nation as well as training and releasing the Body of Christ to be Kingdom people walking in power and authority with signs, wonders, and miracles following them! Cal and Michelle minister worldwide bringing with them vision, revelation, teaching and apostolic release of healing to the nations.

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Cherie Calbom, MSN

Known as “The Juice Lady,” celebrity TV chef, author of 32 books, and America’s most trusted nutritionist, Cherie Calbom holds a Master of Science degree in whole foods nutrition. Her books include The Juice Lady’s Turbo Diet, The Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothiesand Sugar Knockout. Her upcoming book The Guide to Fasting, will be released in January. She appears with Jordan Rubin in his weekly television show Living Beyond Organic. She ministers with her husband Fr. John Calbom, giving health and healing retreats throughout the year. She also offers online classes on juice fasting, 30-day detox, and sugar detox via her website

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Father John Calbom

Fr. John Calbom, M.A, is an inspirational speaker, corporate chaplain, consultant, certified HeartMath cardio biofeedback trainer, and a Russian Orthodox priest with degrees in theology and psychology. He ministers with his wife Cherie, giving health and healing retreats throughout the year.

He is co-author with his wife, Cherie, of The Complete Cancer Cleanse and Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life. He integrates Biblical truths with insights from neuropsychology, cardiac psychology, and behavioral medicine as part of training for excellence to reach our God-given potential in all aspects of life.

Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin is one of America’s most recognized and respected natural health experts. Known as America’s Biblical Health Coach, he is a New York Times best- selling author of ‘The Maker’s Diet,’ and 20 additional health titles, including his latest work ‘Live Beyond Organic.’ Jordan is Founder and CEO of Garden of Life, a leading whole food nutritional supplement company. In 2009 Jordan fulfilled a lifelong dream by starting Beyond Organic, a vertically integrated organic food and beverage company farming nearly 9,000 organic acres in Missouri and Georgia.