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Ease Pain With These Juices!

3 Juices That Ease Pain 1) Ginger Juice The Journal of Pain reported that “ginger is an effective natural anti-inflammatory that helps reduce pain and inflammation.” The researchers explored the specific role that ginger has on muscle pain. In one study, Dr. Srivastava at Odense University in Denmark “gave arthritic patients small amounts of ginger […]

3 Unusual Weight Loss Juices

3 Unusual Weight Loss Juices 1) Jerusalem artichoke juice. A small brown tuber that looks like a little potato, Jerusalem artichokes help curb carb cravings. This artichoke contains about 2% protein, no oil, and no starch. It is rich in the carbohydrate inulin. A study published in Nutrition and Metabolism  (2015) showed the positive effect […]