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Brain Detox Juices

Brain Detox Juices Since I’ve been coaching the Juice Fast and 30-Day Detox groups, I’ve heard from many people who have ditched their brain fog along with the toxins. These programs detox the brain along with the rest of the body. But I wanted to know if any of the juices were especially helpful in […]

The Truth About Cholesterol

The Truth About Cholesterol More people are telling me that their cholesterol numbers are too high for their age when the number is only around 190.  This is a very good number. According to NIH 200 or less is considered very good. But that isn’t communicating to all health practitioners. The whole issue of cholesterol […]

Turmeric Helps Detox the Liver

Turmeric Helps Detox the Liver Turmeric, a member of the ginger family, has been shown in studies to have anti-inflammatory effects and is helpful in liver detoxification. Your liver is one of the most important detoxifying organs of the body. And turmeric is one of the best liver detoxifiers. Curcumin is a phytonutrient that gives […]